Monday, June 19, 2017

Area Fundraiser Sends Tens of Blue Apron E-Gift Cards to Nigerian Villages.....

Brookline, MA- The Brookline chapter of the Ladies League Against Hunger (LLAH) has successfully raised enough money to send 20 Blue Apron E-Gift cards, each covering two-weeks delivery of a 2-person meal plan, to the rural Nigerian village cluster of Pampaida.

Agnes Anderson, shown here about to win her 2nd bingo of the night, must have worked something out with the caller because nobody is that lucky.

"The LLAH was founded in 1892 right here in Brookline," chapter President Barbara Tintwhistle explained. "We have never been afraid to tackle tough problems. And solving hunger in the four villages of Pampaida may be te toughest problem we've ever faced."

After researching ways to fight hunger on Agnes Anderson's grandson's computer, the LLAH purchased the electronic gift cards using funds raised during a town-wide door-to-door campaign and a charity bingo tournament held in March at Waldstein park. According to the Tintwhistle, this approach had the best chance of success. "At it's core, being poor is really just having a lack of options. With Blue Apron, the villagers can choose a delivery day convenient for them. We didn't want to interfere with any of their rituals or ceremonies, or anger any of their heathen gods. And Blue Apron also lets you customize your weekly menu based on dietary preferences. My nephew is allergic to walnuts."

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