Monday, June 2, 2008

New Study Finds Fecal Contamination in Organic Diapers.....

Franklin, TN-As more parents are turning to expensive and unproven natural alternatives in caring for their young children, a new study on diaper safety has revealed that some organic diapers may contain high levels of fecal contamination.

The study, published today in the Journal of the Medical-Industrial Complex (JMIC), evaluated randomly chosen organic cloth diapers being worn by infants in Franklin's Cool Springs Galleria, and concluded that "the observation of fecal matter, and the presence of fecal microorganisms, in significant numbers of the organic cloth diapers studied was unexpected, and lends support to claims by some experts that these products are not safe for use by human infants."

"The numbers speak for themselves," principle investigator Juanita Gomstock explained. "And it isn't just fecal material. We found yeast, fungi and large amounts of urea as well, so I can't in good faith support the use of organic cloth diapers. I just can't."


Anonymous said...

Are you missing the point? Of course these have fecal material in them... they are diapers! I once ordered a sandwich from the Schlotzky's Deli outside the Galleria in Cool Springs, and I swear that had had fecal material in it too.

Zoo Knudsen said...

Perhaps the diapers you are used have fecal matter, urine, and yeast in them, but I expect anything that young infants will be wearing to be free of the potential for spreading infectious diseases around.

I would report Mr. Schlotzky to the proper food authorities if I were you. But to be honest, I would be wary of purchasing a meal from someone set up outside of a mall and not at least in a proper dining establishment.