Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Controversial Fifth Dentist Missing, Foul Play Suspected.....

Tonganoxie, KS- Grant Ritchey, the Tonganoxie man who recently revealed himself as the controversial dissenting fifth dentist in a number of dental product surveys going back several decades, has been reported missing by his family.

Missing dentist Grant Ritchey, shown here holding his 1968 Grammys for Song of the Year and Best Contemporary-Pop Vocal Performance, Dentist 
"We have every reason to believe that Dr. Ritchey's disappearance is not a coincidence," FBI Junior Special Agent in Training in the Non-Essential Healthcare Related Crimes Division Jose Feliciano explained. "This is a man who has made a lot of enemies over the years. A lot of sparkly, minty fresh enemies."

Ritchey, who has been practicing in Tonganoxie since the town was first incorporated in 1866, first achieved notoriety in the early 1960's, although still anonymous at the time, when he refused to recommend Trident sugarless gum for his patients who chew gum. He would go on to refuse to recommend hundreds of products for his patients, even denying the benefits of toothpaste until 2006. His office staff, like dental hygienist Shanty Sinclair, remember him vaguely as "tall, I think" and "the guy who signed the checks."

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