Saturday, February 28, 2015

Today's Gerbils Sleeker, More Aerodynamic According to Experts.....

Cape Canaveral, FL-Compared to gerbils from even just a few years ago, today's "desert rats" are more aerodynamic and emit fewer pollutants into the atmosphere than their predecessors, according to experts at NASA.

A Mongolian Jumping Gerbil, known for their arrogance and for being aggressive when drunk, is shown here mere seconds before hurling itself several hundred feet into the air
"The evidence is pretty solid," NASA rodentologist Frank Hines explained. "Extensive wind tunnel testing shows that the current generation of gerbils suffer one third of the wind resistance, or drag, experienced by not only other rodent species, but of gerbil parents."

The repercussions of these findings are likely to stir up controversy in a number of related fields. Astrobiologist Fran Gernstrawn stated in a NASA press conference recently held to announce these findings that "This vindicates our call for financial support of research on gerbil powered space flight." It is unclear if the shock waves emanating from these findings will reach as far as the International Olympic Committee, which has just approved rodent hurling as an demonstration sport.

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