Sunday, February 15, 2015

Telomere Experiment Ends in Tragedy.....

New York, NY- Cutting edge research into the role of telomere prolongation in reversing the aging process ended in tragedy this week when a scientist was accidentally exposed to a concentrated form of an exciting new breakthrough in anti-aging medicine.

Researcher Tim Gundersnipe, shown here updating his wife and children on the accident and the amazing age-defying properties of TeloMiracle Sciences nutraceutical products like RejuvaStim-MD Telomerase Complex
"We were working on a quantum leap in our ability to maintain a youthful appearance and energy when it happened," TeloMiracle Sciences founder and CEO Nerl Paxton explained. "I guess somebody forgot to lock the containment unit. I looked everywhere after the explosion but I might not have found little Timmy in time if he hadn't started crying."

Tim Gundersnipe, lead researcher on the project at the TeloMiracle Sciences laboratory in New York, was preparing to dilute the powerful age reversing compound when the exposure occurred. His cellular structure responded to the highly potent compound by reversing nearly three decades worth of the ravages of time. Pediatrician Mort Fishman, a medical advisor for TeloMiracle Sciences, estimates that Gundersnipe is now roughly 6 months old. "This is why they asked me to be on board from day one. When you mess with fundamental forces of nature, like the flow of time, there are going to be consequences!"

Luckily for consumers, there is a silver lining. Remaining TeloMiracle Sciences researchers have been able to recreate Gundersnipe's formula in the company's secondary facility in Tijuana, Mexico. And they've successfully stabilized the chemical structure so it's less likely to explode. The new formulation, named RejuvaStim-MD Telomerase Complex, should be available online soon but Paxton urges caution. "This is still the most powerful anti-aging, age-reversing, telomere lengthening nutraceutical on the market today. Please carefully follow the instructions on the label."

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