Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chiropractic Residency Programs Move to Restrict Duty Hours.....

Los Angeles, CA- The Accreditation Council for Graduate Chiropractic Education (ACGCE) will soon begin restricting chiropractic resident work hours in order to reduce errors and improve patient outcomes.

A fatigued chiropractic resident, shown here mistakenly examining a patient with a stethoscope rather than the recommended  Subluxatron Dermothermoneuromatic Stimugrasp DRX-10000 Subluxation Detector
"In addition to the subluxation, those charged with preparing the next generation of spine specialists for real world practice are increasingly recognizing fatigue as a serious problem in chiropractic training programs." ACGCE Executive Committee Chair Hassell Johnston explained. "Chiropractic residency programs will now be better able to provide a nurturing and/or healthy and/or educational environment that optimizes training and may influence resident function and general safety."

Enforcement of the new restrictions, which include limiting duty hours to 80 hours per week and to no more than 24 consecutive hours, will begin in the Fall of this year. According to Johnston, duty hours will include any time spent on clinical or academic activities, such as time spent measuring children's leg lengths at area health fairs or speaking to local reporters about the dangers of vaccines and poor posture while texting. He adds that chiropractic residents will also be required to log hours spent preparing case reports on the affect of unblinded chiropractic treatment on self-limited or subjective complaints. "These restrictions are comparable to those in allopathic medical residency programs, except our approach is more holistic, focusing on the whole resident rather than merely the symptoms of training."

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