Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wacky Laws Still on the Books.....

Belvidere, NE-The small southern Nebraska town of Belvidere, known for its $3 Dollar Meatloaf, secret underground missile silos and Lucky the 5-legged cow, also has some zany old laws still on the books.

"Law 137.9a: There shall be no picking of turnips after Founder's Day until the first full moon of the new year. Violators of this law shall be buried unto their waist for a sixth night."

The burying of a Belvidere woman who had picked turnips after Founder's Day circa 1983
"I'm a big fan of Law 137.9a," Belvidere Mayor Spooner Jenkins explained. "It's still very much applicable to today's modern Belvidere. Seriously, who hasn't been frustrated with late season turnip pickers?"

"Ordinance 214.G1: The breeding of irregular sheep is henceforth to be punishable by hanging. Spontaneously occurring irregular sheep are to be slaughtered and buried with haste. Under no circumstances are irregular sheep to be brought around Indians."

A broken gate and this abomination resulted in the Belvidere and Indian War of 1865
Though not as much of a concern in this day and age, irregular sheep were often a problem during frontier times. This was most evident when attempting to form alliances with neighboring Indian tribes, as irregular sheep are considered by the majority of Native Americans to be an omen of purest evil. Irregular sheep were even believed by some tribes to be the embodiment of Malsum the Native American god of evil and destruction.

Although having such unusual laws may seem like it would be a hindrance to a happy and productive life in Belvidere, Mayor Jenkins disagrees completely. "We've had 3 executions already this month," Jenkins revealed. "It's good for morale for others to see what can happen if you break the law around here."

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