Saturday, February 21, 2015

Third Blue's Clue Found in Milwaukee Murder Investigation.....

Milwaukee, WI-After weeks of intense investigation, the Milwaukee Police Department has finally uncovered the third of Blue's three clues to the identity and location of the perpetrator of a grisly triple murder that has left the city's inhabitants fearing for their personal safety.

Detective Steve, shown here examining a bloody sock found near the remains of a dismembered toddler, a copy of American Psycho, and a fireman's axe 
"The murder was seemed so random, and so expertly executed," lead investigator Joe Hewitt explained. "Folks around here have been wondering who might be next. If not for these Blue's Clues, and Detective Steve, I don't know if we would have been able to solve this one."

Holding the rusted and bloodstained machete while sitting in his Thinking Chair, Blue's owner Steve revealed "At first I couldn't understand what Blue was trying to tell me with the severed ear and the picture of an abandoned lighthouse, but now it's so clear. So who's the cold-blooded killer boys and girls?"

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