Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Food Baby!

About Frank Hunt

Hi there! First of all, I want to say welcome and thank you for stopping by. 
My name is Frank Hunt, but I’m probably better known as “The Food Baby.” Why the name? It's because I love food...and I'm a 7-month-old baby.

Did you know that your food is full of toxic chemicals?

Did you know that most chronic illness is caused by our unhealthy modern diet, most of which was created in a laboratory using science and ingredients that I can't pronounce because they are more than one syllable?
Did you know that my daddy ceases to exist whenever he puts his hands in front of his face? But greedy corporations can't hide the truth about dangerous ingredients from me, as long as they don't put it behind their back or under a blanket.

In the 7 months since I was born into a birthing pond in the backyard of my parents' home in Lansing, Michigan, I've learned a lot about health and nutrition. Like how most infant formulas contains endocrine disrupters or how I'm terrified of strangers. I'm going to share all my knowledge with you so that you can go out into the world prepared to be as healthy as possible.

I wasn't always so healthy though. When I was born that day amongst the koi, I was large-for-gestational age. For weeks I couldn't do anything but feed and evacuate my bladder and bowels. Talk about a crib potato!

When I developed colic and a fungal diaper rash, I knew it was time to take matters into my own hand using a raking motion or perhaps by picking it up between my thumb and forefinger.

My newfound inspiration helped me to focus on food ingredients, even when they were held more than 8 to 10 inches from my face and moved from one end of my field of vision to the other. No longer content to just lay on my back, I turned both ways to accept my past dietary mistakes and move forward into a healthier tomorrow. Now, a much slimmer 50th percentile in weight and length, I can sit unsupported with my head held steady and high.

Won't you join me?

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