Sunday, January 24, 2016

Area Playground Not the Same Since Diarrhea Slide Incident.....

Homewood, AL- Despite a thorough cleaning, and a successful manhunt to find and make an example of those responsible sponsored by the Mayor's office, the playground at Homewood's Overton park has yet to fully recover from a mid-December diarrhea slide incident.

This Overton park playground, believed to be a physical representation of the spirit of Gaia, may never fully recover.
"This park used to be full of children on a Saturday afternoon, or after school let out," Parks and Recreation Director Linkletter Binkley explained. "Something stirred that day when the diarrhea flowed down that cursed slide. Something deep within the very bowels of this land. Something evil. It isn't fully awake yet, but that day is near. The day where we are judged and held accountable for our sins against nature."

Long time resident Mortimer Townsend has seen a lot of diarrhea on slides during his 50 years in Homewood. "Diarrhea comes and diarrhea goes around here. And people move on too. But that slide has been at this park since before I moved here in 1963 and I reckon it'll be here long after I'm gone."

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