Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Science Shows Superfoods Would Have Saved Millions of Lives During Black Death.....

Sedona, AZ- According to new research out of the Scientific Institute for Superfood Science in Sedona, incorporation of superfoods into the daily diet of mid-14th century Europeans might have saved millions of lives during the Black Death.

A 14th century French cave drawing depicting a typical day in the life of our primitive European ancestors during the peak years of the Black Death
"I wouldn't call this a surprising result given the multitude of proven superfood health benefits," Project leader Scientist Patel explained. "One can't help but feel sorry for those poor bastards, huddled together for warmth in dark caves, living in constant fear of being carried off by a pterodactyl while foraging for food, and then having to deal with the bubonic plague. Yikes!"

Although it may be too late for our primitive ancestors, modern farming techniques have made superfoods like kale and acai berries available year round. And advances in blending technology have unlocked their true antioxidant potential in an increasing array of powerful and delicious smoothie recipes. According to Patel, the time has come for the people entrusted with public safety to act. "We are calling for the federal government to begin stockpiling kale, mangosteens, goji berries and other superfoods for distribution in the event of a future pandemic."

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