Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Children's Film Angers Some Christian Organizations.....

Los Angeles, CA-Christian groups are expressing serious concern over the new children's film "The Golden Compass", based on an award-winning novel by British author Philip Pullman, because of its anti-religious content.

"This movie, and the books that inspired it, should never be experienced by children being raised in the faith," Catholic Coterie of America president Burton Shoemaker explained. "Even the slightest introduction of a contrary idea might result in their turning to atheism and its complete lack of morality. Religion is the only thing that has so far prevented our nation's youth from drinking, doing drugs, and having premarital sexual relations."

Even more outraged are the members of SSSA, a group of sailors who support the use of sextants and astrolabes for navigating the world's oceans. "Arrrr! Right there in the title it be! If these bilge rats don't avast, and smartly, the children will come to think that a compass be the only instrument what be helpin a man find their way through these dark waters."


The Laundress said...

whoo whee, Zoo.

My daddy's rather conservative adult bible study group decided to read and discuss Pullman's "His Dark Materials" last year. I thought this very daring of them (and no, I had no influence on it!)

Me and my extended family will be at this film on opening day with bells on... We have all read the books. We have listened to the sound recordings.

(which, BY THE WAY, are a full-cast audio production featuring London theatre actors and fantastic sound effects. THE MOST EXCELLENT audiobook I have ever listened to and I have 1000s (yep thousands) of hours logged LISTENING to audiobooks (not to mention unmentionable huge hours actually reading).

Pullman tugs and shoves and bullies you into confronting religious and moral issues. Rich and complex and individual. Go on and read and listen and view. Do all three, PLEASE!

tl (who has very high hopes for the film and HUGE regard for Pullman!!)

The Satan said...

Hopefully you won't be disappointed. Much of the religious element has been taken out so as to appeal to a wider audience. I'm going to read the books before seeing any of the movies.

The Laundress said...

arrgh. I was horribly sadly disappointed. But I would still give this flick a three-star, B+ rating, due to the lovely daemons and ice bears. Otherwise, it sucked.