Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Vatican Angry Over Tacky Cell Phone Saints.....

Rome, Italy-High ranking Catholic Church officials are dismissing as tacky and sacriligious a new cell phone service, offered in Italy, that provides images of the believer's favorite Saint for their mobile telephone.

"This is an outrage and a blatant misuse of these sacred images," Bishop Ralphio Macchiovito De Miyagieschi, a member of the Italian Bishops Conference Committee for Dotrinal Matters, explained. "Such praiseworthy icons belong on more appropriate surfaces like grilled cheese sandwiches, tortillas, pine doors, and greasy office building windows. This is clearly the work of the Satan."

The controversy has even reached the United States, where battle lines are being clearly drawn. Trucker Dermot McCurdy is less concerned about the images of Saints than the potential that this might inspire copycat services making use of other personally meaningful images. "I'd be pretty offended if anybody put a picture of Old Glory on a cell phone. That would only tarnish its image, and detract from the awe inspired by seeing our beloved flag painted on stock cars and women's underwear."


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