Friday, June 20, 2014

Elizabeth Berkley to Play Self in Upcoming Saved By the Bell Movie.....

New York City, New York- Excitement for the "Saved by the Bell" television movie event, which is set to air on the Lifetime network September 1st, increased marginally when it was announced today that former cast member Elizabeth Berkley will be reprising her role as know-it-all social activist and one time caffeine pill addict Jessie Spano.

Elizabeth Berkley, shown here reenacting the infamous pool sex scene with Mr. Belding in "Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style"

"We were more than a little surprised when she approached us about the role," casting director Robin Lippin explained. "I asked if she understood what kind of project this was, that it wasn't a reunion movie and it would be exposing what happened behind the scenes of Saved by the Bell, and she didn't hesitate. It was a little sad watching her go through the audition process, but she really nailed the part."

Because of the grueling filming schedule, Berkley has been unable to comment on her decision to take part in the project. Her publicist, Blint Eversbee, held a brief press conference after the announcement. "Elizabeth would love to talk to you, she really would, but unfortunately there is just no time. There's never any time actually. She doesn't have time to study her lines...She'll never get into a bigger role. She'll let everyone down, is what she's worried about. She's so confused right now but so excited..and yet so scared."

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