Saturday, June 7, 2014

Minor Change in Medication Dosing Recommendation Proves Fallibility of Science.....

Bethesda, MD- Researchers working for the National Institutes of Health Intramural Research Program (IRP) are now recommending that the upper limit of dosing for Augmentin, an antibiotic commonly prescribed for upper and lower respiratory infections, be decreased slightly from 1000 mg twice daily to 875 mg twice daily in children and adolescents who weigh more than 40 kilograms.

A cancer researcher shown at the exact moment of realization that his entire life is based on a damned lie

"This decision was based on a growing body of evidence showing that a small decrease in the maximum dosing will result in fewer side effects without decreasing overall effectiveness," Deputy Director for Intramural Research Michael Gottesman explained. "We are all pretty shaken up, and I really don't know what to believe anymore."

Long rumored to be fallible, the scientific approach of observing the natural world, coming up with a hypothesis and then designing tests to determine the accuracy of that hypothesis, has now proven itself completely unreliable. Mitch Rangler, a fully apprenticed clinical Nutritionologist, has been speaking out about the failures of science for decades. "Those egghead scientists in their ivory towers have more fat in their heads than brains!"

Rangler isn't alone in questioning the ability of science to make successful predictions, especially after the damning Augmentin controversy. Many scientists are throwing down their pipettes and Bunsen burners in utter disgust as they question everything that they ever knew. Some, like microbiologist Ashlee Earl, are returning to school to learn new trades that don't rely on the now discredited means of organizing knowledge. "I've always wanted to learn how to paint the various synapomorphies of angiosperms. Dammit Ashlee, that's science talk! I mean fruits and flowers."

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