Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Point/Counterpoint: Turn Key versus Renovation When Looking for the Perfect New Home.....

This entire bathroom needs to be gutted!

by Lance and Wendy Gundersnap
1st time homebuyers
Lakeland, FL

We entered the home buying process naively, assuming that real estate professionals could be trusted to find and show properties that met our specifications. Sadly, after days of searching with the assistance of a "certified Realtor" we now know how trusting people can be taken advantage of by unscrupulous agents who care more about making money than making dreams come true! Not one of the three houses we have looked at so far have had all of the items and features that we clearly spelled out as must haves during the initial visit with our "agent."

The most recent fiasco is a perfect example. We did not ask to be shown homes with a 2-car garage or an unsightly water oak in the back yard. Lance needs extra space for his tools and he is allergic to leaves. We did not ask for a kitchen with dated appliances, appliances which will have to be removed and replaced with stainless steel. We did not ask for a home lacking hardwood floors in all rooms. Carpets are dirty. Nor did we specifically request a master bedroom with a single walk-in closet. I could perhaps chalk this up as the mistake of an incompetent Realtor, but then she took us into the guest bathroom.

When I saw the upstairs guest bathroom, I could only assume that our agent was on a personal mission to ruin our lives. It is very unlikely that we will purchase this money pit of a house as the sound of cars were easily heard from the backyard deck and it was not located on a cul-de-sac, as was CLEARLY requested on the paperwork provided to the real estate company by Lance's father, Attorney Steve Gundersnap. But if we did, the upstairs guest bathroom would need to be completely gutted and redone before I would allow any of our friends to set one foot inside.

Lance requires a comfort height toilet because of his lower back issues. The toilet in question was regular height. The bathtub was an alcove rather than the expected free-standing. The tile, while functional, was too large and the sink was not a pedestal. Finally, the cabinet space was less than optimal. It was literally like we were on a hidden camera show. I literally thought that this had to be some kind of a practical joke.

My home was carried off by a tornado.

Sue Ellen Groves
3rd grade
Washington, IL

I miss my kitty and it's hard to fall asleep at night in the shelter.

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