Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Health Patrol with Mitch Rangler: Vitamins Contain Dangerous Metals and Acids.....


with Mitch Rangler

I'm fed up with corporations treating American citizens like ATM machines. Whether it's Monsanto putting fish parts in my tapioca pudding or scientists growing human organs inside of abortions, regular folks like me and former In Syncope bad boy Lance Bass* are forced to live out our lives afraid of the food we put in our bodies. And if the harmful chemicals aren't coming from right here in the United States, products imported from other countries fill in the gaps, making every meal a high stakes game of Russian Backgammon.

The latest example comes from the billion dollar vitamin and supplement industry. It's terrifying to think that the products people turn to for immune boosting and liver detoxification are often full of dangerous metals and acids. I've found that there are measurable levels ascorbic acid, folic acid and even pantothenic acid in many vitamin and supplement products. In addition to these hard to pronounce acids, a number of products also contain metals like iron, copper, zinc and nickel. We aren't robots! And they put it right on the label for all to see because they think that they are untouchable. I've got some news for them!

What is so bad about acid in your vitamin or supplement? Acids have corrosive properties and are often used for industrial processes such as removing rust from metal. That's probably why they are included in the vitamins, so that they don't rust from all of the metal in them. Acids are also a major component of batteries. Would you eat a battery?

Some acids are used to make nonorganic fertilizers or even as an ingredient in soft drinks, which are a known contributor to diabetes and infantile dyspepsia. When an acid is mixed with alcohol, it makes an ester, one of which is nitroglycerin. That's right, vitamins and supplements are essentially time bombs waiting to explode!

I don't know why the vitamin and supplement industry purposefully wants to harm us by putting such dangerous chemicals in their products. But I'm not surprised because this is what happens when profits are a motivating force. It's probably cheaper to just fill a capsule with metals and acid instead of healthy foods like tapioca and purple hull peas. 

But we don't have to be helpless. We can fight back and WE CAN WIN! How? Sign my online petition today and let your voice be heard. Congress and the Supreme Court can't ignore the people who vote for them! Sign up for my newsletter, which I will send as soon as the mimeograph machine in our basement is fixed. Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to my P.O. Box along with five dollars and a DNA sample.

*Lance Brass is in the final stages of agreeing to meet with me about becoming the official spokesperson for The Health Patrol with Mitch Ranger.

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