Monday, December 3, 2007

Spice Girls Named as Suspicious Persons in Lubbock Murder.....

Lubbock, TX-The Spice Girls, a British female pop group that rose to fame last decade selling over 50 million records before going their seperate ways in 2000, have been named today as suspicious persons in the investigation of the murder of a Lubbock family.

"We aren't used to these kinds of horrific crimes in Lubbock," Chief of Police Wayne Payton explained. "We were really at a loss until we heard the news about the Spice Girls."

The news that Detective Payton is referring to was the announcement that the Spice Girl's reunion and world tour had kicked off with a bang in Vancouver on December 2nd, just one day prior to the grisly events in Lubbock.

"There was plenty of time for them to make it to Lubbock, shoot the 7 victims execution-style, dismember their corpses with a machete, cook and eat the victim's genitals, and return to Vancouver for the concert. We don't have a motive yet, but this is just too big of a coincidence to be ignored."

The Spice Girl's have so far refused to comment on these serious allegations.

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